Programme Details

Monday 12th April – Applications Open

Friday 21st May – Applications are now closed.

We will confirm receipt of your application and then contact you in due course to arrange either a telephone or video conversation. The purpose of a follow on conversation is to learn more about you and your business and to tell you more about the Cultivate Programme.

Monday 24th May – Friday 28th May – All programme places will be confirmed by this week.

Week One – 9th June – Welcome and introduction session. Topic: Vision and Purpose. In week one we will focus on your vision for your business: what is your purpose, your ambition and what are your guiding principles for the journey ahead. 

Week Two – 16th June – Topic: Business Model. In week two we will start to look at your business model, focusing on defining who your customer is and identifying your value proposition.

Week Three – 23rd June – Topic: Business Model. In week three we will put the whole business model on a canvas and so identify critical relationships, linkages and where things might slide through the gaps.

Week Four – 30th June – Topic: Intellectual Property. This week is focused on intellectual property – the “crown jewels” of your business

Week Five – 7th July – Topic: Manufacturing and Development. A focused look at technology development and product synthesis. Covering sustainability through design and manufacture including zero waste.

Week Six – 14th July – Topic: Manufacturing and Development (scaling up production). We will review the manufacturing process and how that would work with up scaled production.

Week Seven – 21st July – Topic: Finances. This week we take a detailed look at cost structures, revenues and cash flow.

Week Eight – 28th July – Topic: Funding Growth. In week 8 we look at funding growth: the options and implications of funding the growth of your business.

Week Nine – 4th August – Topic: Leadership and Structure. In the penultimate week we will explore leadership and governance for your business as it develops.  

Week Ten – 10th August – Demo Day. The final week will be a celebration and demonstration day – the first step on the journey ahead.

Throughout the programme all beneficiary companies will have access to mentors to support them in their progress and development.

If you have any questions relating to the programme details please send us a message:

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