The session was really good. I like how it pushed me out of my comfort zone to talk about my business to other people in a different way.

Thank you to the Cultivate Team and all contributors & participants for the opportunity to take part, meet share/discuss ideas. It’s been an honour and a pleasure and above all fun.

 It’s so nice to see how the cohort have really taken on board the learning from the programme and you can clearly see that in the quality of their presentations!

The Cultivate Programme is fully funded and runs virtually over a six week period for Start and 10-weeks for Thrive. With day sessions as well as tailored mentoring support, it provides a structured and fast paced programme for founders wishing bring their Agri-Food or Agri – Tech businesses, products, processes and services to the next stage in launching or growing a successful, sustainable business. It is open to businesses from across the UK and is delivered by Harper Adams University, the UK’s leading agricultural university, supported by Barclays Eagle Labs. This programme focuses on supporting agri-tech and agri-food companies who are ready to take the next step in their business journey, by helping them focus on where to begin, where they are heading and where they want to be. Some of the core sessions include finance, business model canvas, vision & purpose ,sustainability and value proposition.

If you would like to know more about the programme or make an application please get in touch using the ‘apply’ and ‘contact us’ sections of the website.



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Cultivate – Week One